57 Women's Master 1x - Ages 21 to 42
Offical Results
119:25.71518Ridley Graduate Boat Club A (Caitlin Pauls)
S:09:41:45.4 F:10:01:11.1 HC:0
221:04.41520Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Jennifer Figueroa)
S:09:44:04.2 F:10:05:17.6 HC:9
321:07.01523Lincoln Park Boat Club A (Nell Shuttleworth)
S:09:42:42.6 F:10:03:58.6 HC:9
422:04.61519Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. B (Katherine Krueger)
S:09:44:12.2 F:10:06:15.8 HC:-1
522:08.62195Lincoln Park Boat Club A (Samantha Minc)
S:09:43:33.9 F:10:05:49.5 HC:7
622:19.91525Austin Rowing Club B (Jennifer De Haas)
S:09:43:11.3 F:10:05:49.2 HC:18
722:32.51522Raleigh Rowing Center A (Allison Zimmerman)
S:09:42:38.1 F:10:05:11.6 HC:1
822:51.21527Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. C (Renate Du Plessis)
S:09:45:20.1 F:10:08:15.3 HC:4
923:43.81524Unaffiliated (USA) A (Joy Nix)
S:09:42:58.4 F:10:06:48.2 HC:6
1023:52.81526St. Louis Rowing Club A (Lori Perry)
S:09:44:23.6 F:10:08:32.4 HC:16
1124:14.82196Community Rowing, Inc. A (Julie Warren)
S:09:44:56.7 F:10:09:11.5 HC:0
1225:42.31521Jacksonville Rowing Club A (Victoria Mattie)
S:09:42:28.2 F:10:08:10.5 HC:0
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