61 Women's Youth 1x
Offical Results
119:23.21623Y Quad Cities Rowing A (Elizabeth Sharis)
S:10:14:24.7 F:10:33:47.9
220:33.11647Jacksonville Rowing Club A (Riona McCormick)
S:10:23:43.4 F:10:44:16.5
320:52.61663Y Quad Cities Rowing B (Emily Delleman)
S:10:27:55.6 F:10:48:48.2
420:58.51624OKC Riversport A (Xaley Yousey)
S:10:14:36.5 F:10:35:25.0 P:10 (1 buoy)
521:04.71664OKC Riversport B (Mary Anderson)
S:10:28:02.4 F:10:49:07.1
621:08.91638YMCA dba Charlotte Youth Rowing A (Laurie Ellen Moore)
S:10:19:29.9 F:10:40:38.8
721:13.51662Jacksonville Rowing Club B (Meg Coyle)
S:10:27:49.0 F:10:49:02.5
821:26.81639Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Megan Hinkle)
S:10:19:07.5 F:10:40:34.3
921:29.21645Newport Rowing Club A (Rose Carr)
S:10:23:14.0 F:10:44:43.2
1021:30.51630Founders Rowing Club A (Kendall DeSantis)
S:10:16:58.6 F:10:38:29.1
1121:33.61644ROCCS, Rowing Organization Of Citrus County Students A (Emily Hall)
S:10:23:34.4 F:10:45:08.0
1221:43.81667Newport Rowing Club B (Tara Carr)
S:10:28:39.4 F:10:50:23.2
1321:44.61635Beaver Creek Sculling A (Neve Gallagher)
S:10:18:06.3 F:10:39:50.9
1421:53.11641Charleston Community Rowing Club A (Julia Meredith)
S:10:19:50.4 F:10:41:43.5
1521:53.41657ROCCS, Rowing Organization Of Citrus County Students B (Mikayla Dutton)
S:10:26:32.6 F:10:48:26.0
1622:03.21651South Niagara Rowing Club A (Jasmine Leheta)
S:10:24:55.1 F:10:46:58.3
1722:03.61543Tampa Training Center A (Alexia Rojas)
S:10:20:00.3 F:10:42:03.9
1822:05.11648Atomic Rowing A (Sarah Kate Rogers)
S:10:24:19.5 F:10:46:24.6
1922:07.91716Dallas Rowing Club A (Danielle Hutcheson)
S:10:29:21.6 F:10:51:29.5
2022:08.01636Dallas Rowing Club A (Annie Cantu)
S:10:18:14.2 F:10:40:22.2
2122:08.51629St. Andrew Rowing Club A (riley kerber)
S:10:16:48.7 F:10:38:57.2
2222:11.11634Clermont Crew A (Ashley Collins)
S:10:17:56.8 F:10:40:07.9
2322:11.81676Founders Rowing Club D (Katherine Fraser)
S:10:29:08.2 F:10:51:20.0
2422:15.51654Founders Rowing Club B (Taylor Toudouze)
S:10:25:55.5 F:10:48:11.0
2522:15.71637Academy of Holy Names A (Elisabeth Kamm)
S:10:18:30.7 F:10:40:46.4
2622:17.31653Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (Emilee Koenig)
S:10:25:41.7 F:10:47:59.0
2722:19.31643The Stewards Foundation, Inc. A (Emelia Watts)
S:10:22:54.3 F:10:45:13.6
2822:23.21631Winter Park High School A
S:10:17:11.0 F:10:39:34.2
2922:33.01640Arch City Rowing Club A (Rachel Serafy)
S:10:19:46.6 F:10:42:09.6 P:10 (1 buoy)
3022:47.81625Sarasota Scullers A (Cheyenne Adams)
S:10:14:48.6 F:10:37:26.4 P:10 (1 buoy)
3122:49.11673Founders Rowing Club C (Helen Williams)
S:10:28:58.3 F:10:51:47.4
3222:59.51632Plant High Rowing Association A (Madison Austrich)
S:10:17:50.4 F:10:40:49.9
3323:11.81628South Orlando Rowing Association A (Katelyn Wright)
S:10:16:38.9 F:10:39:50.7
3423:13.61659Tampa Training Center B (Madelynn Rey)
S:10:26:54.5 F:10:50:08.1
3523:18.71669Plant High Rowing Association B (Theresa grandoff)
S:10:28:48.3 F:10:52:07.0
3623:23.91660Minnesota Boat Club B (Hannah Hutchinson)
S:10:27:14.8 F:10:50:38.7
3723:26.51655South Niagara Rowing Club B (Emily Taylor)
S:10:26:07.9 F:10:49:34.4
3823:39.71665Sarasota Scullers B (Caitlin Klotz)
S:10:28:28.5 F:10:52:08.2
3923:46.61627Chattanooga Rowing A (Andreia Cabrera)
S:10:15:19.4 F:10:39:06.0
4024:38.21652East Tennessee Rowing Organization A (Lindsay Krawczyk)
S:10:25:29.4 F:10:50:07.6
4124:45.31656Clermont Crew B (Brooklynn Boso)
S:10:26:26.9 F:10:51:12.2
4224:47.41626Rowing Newfoundland A
S:10:16:17.8 F:10:41:05.2
4324:49.41658South Orlando Rowing Association B (CAMILA VELEZ)
S:10:26:47.9 F:10:51:37.3
4425:41.31661Chattanooga Rowing B (Lauralee Rast)
S:10:27:44.4 F:10:53:25.7
4525:52.71672Austin Rowing Club C (Lulu Allan)
S:10:44:45.1 F:11:10:37.8
4625:58.11649Melbourne High School Crew A (Zoie roberts)
S:10:24:45.0 F:10:50:43.1
4726:54.81646Austin Rowing Club A (Christina Van Essen)
S:10:45:09.8 F:11:12:04.6
DNS1650Minnesota Boat Club A (Marissa Leick)
DNS1666East Tennessee Rowing Organization B (Jordan Cooper)
DNS1670Y Quad Cities Rowing C (caroline sharis)
DNS1675Austin Rowing Club D (Beth Perry)
DNS1668Austin Rowing Club B (Annie Laurie Gibson)
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