65 Men's Master 1x - Ages 65+
Offical Results
117:19.31753Ridley Graduate Boat Club A (Richard Kendall)
S:11:09:58.6 F:11:32:48.9 HC:331
217:46.21750Jacksonville Rowing Club A (Bob Schumacher)
S:11:09:13.9 F:11:29:36.1 HC:156
318:23.41754Saugatuck Rowing Club A (Bart Pasternak)
S:11:10:21.4 F:11:32:39.8 HC:235
418:31.81758Dallas Rowing Club A (Mike Morschauser)
S:11:10:59.1 F:11:32:22.9 HC:172
518:33.31751Fairmount Rowing Association H (Red Sargent)
S:11:12:34.2 F:11:34:53.5 HC:226
618:35.21752Lincoln Park Boat Club A (Terrence Conway)
S:11:09:35.0 F:11:30:46.2 HC:156
719:50.21755The Stewards Foundation, Inc. A (Thomas Feaster)
S:11:10:27.0 F:11:33:01.2 HC:164
820:05.91760Kansas City Rowing Club B (Steven Maynard-Moody)
S:11:11:32.0 F:11:34:05.9 HC:148
920:09.41761Lookout Rowing Club B (John Disterdick)
S:11:12:07.9 F:11:35:44.3 HC:207
1020:59.71757Louisville Rowing Club/Greater Louisville Rowing Foundation A (Rick Esterle)
S:11:10:46.0 F:11:34:19.7 HC:164 P:10 (1 buoy)
1122:46.91759Kansas City Rowing Club A (Frederick Thompson)
S:11:11:17.1 F:11:36:32.0 HC:148
DNS1756Atlanta Rowing Club A (Thomas Kenny)
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