66 Men's Master - Lightweight 1x - Ages 55+
Offical Results
117:54.71770Ridley Graduate Boat Club A (John Pauls)
S:11:17:17.9 F:11:36:58.6 HC:106
219:08.41762Westerville Rowing Club A (Steve Kelly)
S:11:15:31.7 F:11:36:01.1 HC:81
319:09.51768Carolina Masters Crew Club A (Avram Gold)
S:11:17:06.5 F:11:39:52.0 HC:216
419:12.01769Western Reserve Rowing Association A (Paul Kopp)
S:11:17:14.6 F:11:37:59.6 HC:93
520:23.01771Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (barker, douglas)
S:11:17:29.8 F:11:39:25.8 HC:93
620:31.41767Jacksonville Rowing Club A (George Hahn)
S:11:16:37.4 F:11:40:00.8 HC:172
720:39.21763Indianapolis Rowing Center H (Christian Schmid)
S:11:15:42.1 F:11:39:39.3 HC:198
820:42.31764Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Don Davis)
S:11:15:55.1 F:11:38:58.4 HC:141
920:44.51766Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (William Irvine)
S:11:16:22.1 F:11:39:12.6 HC:126
DNS1765Malta Boat Club A (Michael Brown)
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