83 Women's Youth 4x
Offical Results
117:26.22036Y Quad Cities Rowing A (Gabriela Schermer)
S:13:45:53.0 F:14:03:19.2
217:30.82038OKC Riversport B (Abigail Lange)
S:13:46:07.7 F:14:03:38.5
318:01.42037Texas Rowing Center A (Chloe Carlander)
S:13:46:00.0 F:14:04:01.4
418:09.22048Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Abby Hamilton)
S:13:48:40.7 F:14:06:49.9
518:13.22052Austin Rowing Club A (Rebecca Cravey)
S:13:49:52.5 F:14:08:05.7
618:21.72061Founders Rowing Club A (Emily Royal)
S:13:52:10.2 F:14:10:31.9
718:23.92057Minnesota Boat Club A (Madeline Killian)
S:13:51:01.7 F:14:09:25.6
818:27.82050Jacksonville Rowing Club A (Isabel Wothe)
S:13:49:04.1 F:14:07:31.9
918:30.12059The Stewards Foundation, Inc. A (Jennifer Collins)
S:13:51:30.4 F:14:10:00.5
1018:32.52082OKC Riversport C (Emily Tubb)
S:13:59:58.3 F:14:18:20.8 P:10 (1 buoy)
1118:41.72039OKC Riversport A (Sarah Ondak)
S:13:46:28.3 F:14:05:10.0
1218:49.92064St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Isabella Pittaluga)
S:13:52:33.5 F:14:11:23.4
1318:51.92071Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (Julia Turner)
S:13:55:36.8 F:14:14:28.7
1418:57.32066Austin Rowing Club B (Bethany Malinak)
S:13:53:29.4 F:14:12:26.7
1518:58.72074Texas Rowing Center B (Charlie Childs)
S:13:56:15.7 F:14:15:04.4 P:10 (1 buoy)
1619:05.32042Miami Beach Rowing Club A (Amanda Delaplaine)
S:13:47:21.5 F:14:06:26.8
1719:05.62047Tampa Training Center A (Paige Hill)
S:13:49:34.0 F:14:08:39.6
1819:09.52041Academy of Holy Names A (Frances Kratz)
S:13:47:10.9 F:14:06:20.4
1919:10.02051Atomic Rowing A (Pamela Wyatt)
S:13:49:17.2 F:14:08:27.2
2019:16.92053Newport Rowing Club A (Madeline Maier)
S:13:50:07.1 F:14:09:14.0 P:10 (1 buoy)
2119:20.12062YMCA dba Charlotte Youth Rowing A (Sarah Poetzsch)
S:13:52:22.0 F:14:11:42.1
2219:20.82067Founders Rowing Club B (Allie Touchstone)
S:13:53:49.8 F:14:13:10.6
2319:24.02065Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. B (Julia Pedrick)
S:13:52:46.8 F:14:12:10.8
2419:40.52046Sarasota Scullers A (Christina Riccobono)
S:13:48:18.0 F:14:07:58.5
2519:41.72054Lake Lanier Rowing Club A (Ansley Slowick)
S:13:50:13.4 F:14:09:55.1
2619:42.52058South Orlando Rowing Association A (Katelyn Wright)
S:13:51:25.6 F:14:11:08.1
2719:45.72045White Rock Boathouse, Inc. A (Desi Martinez)
S:13:48:11.5 F:14:07:57.2
2819:46.92056Chattanooga Rowing A (Andreia Cabrera)
S:13:50:52.2 F:14:10:39.1
2919:48.42079Greater Dayton Rowing Association C (Lydia Gossard)
S:13:59:24.8 F:14:19:13.2
3019:49.22055Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Margaret Spillane)
S:13:50:30.9 F:14:10:20.1
3119:54.32080Texas Rowing Center C (Meija Caldwell)
S:13:59:40.7 F:14:19:35.0
3219:54.92043Hillsborough High School A
S:13:47:31.9 F:14:07:26.8
3319:55.52076Lake Lanier Rowing Club B (Amy Huddleston)
S:13:58:24.3 F:14:18:19.8
3419:58.92078Academy of Holy Names B (Ronnie Fair)
S:13:58:51.2 F:14:18:50.1
3519:59.42084Greater Dayton Rowing Association D (Ruthie Dversdall)
S:14:01:00.8 F:14:21:00.2
3620:06.12077Sarasota Scullers B (Ashley Naidel)
S:13:58:34.2 F:14:18:40.3
3720:06.42083Academy of Holy Names C (Danielle Orr)
S:14:00:47.0 F:14:20:53.4
3820:13.92075St. Andrew Rowing Club B (Katherine Renkoski)
S:13:58:13.4 F:14:18:27.3
3920:18.72060Rowing Newfoundland A (Emma Ramsay)
S:13:51:59.3 F:14:12:18.0
4020:26.02069Miami Rowing and Watersports Center B (Paulina Suarez)
S:13:54:20.5 F:14:14:46.5
4120:29.22073White Rock Boathouse, Inc. B (Becca Hodge)
S:13:56:10.3 F:14:16:29.5 P:10 (1 buoy)
4220:47.52049Clermont Crew A (Frankie Dailey)
S:13:48:56.6 F:14:09:44.1
4321:10.12072Chattanooga Rowing B (Mikaela McGregor)
S:13:55:56.1 F:14:17:06.2
4421:27.12068South Orlando Rowing Association B (Jaime Van Malleghem)
S:13:54:01.4 F:14:15:28.5
4521:27.22085Greater Dayton Rowing Association E (Jordan Neeley)
S:14:01:19.1 F:14:22:46.3
4621:28.32070Atomic Rowing B (Jahnney Cantrell)
S:13:55:05.1 F:14:16:33.4
4721:36.62086Greater Dayton Rowing Association F (tonja kaissieh)
S:14:01:44.0 F:14:23:20.6
DNS2063East Tennessee Rowing Organization A (Lindsay Krawczyk)
DNS2040Detroit Boat Club Crew A (Aubrey "Clare" Platt)
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