35 Men's Youth 2x
Offical Results
117:07.41139Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. A (Jules Kramer, Alex Martinez)
S:16:54:59.1 F:17:12:06.5
217:23.61138Dallas Rowing Club A (Victor Sands, David Fox)
S:16:56:16.2 F:17:13:39.8
317:35.31142OKC Riversport A (Mac Morlan, Hilton Park)
S:16:55:30.9 F:17:13:06.2
417:35.91145Y Quad Cities Rowing A (Alan Romanick, justin english)
S:16:56:52.1 F:17:14:28.0
517:46.41133Belen Jesuit Prep School B (Jorge Padron, Conor Meagher)
S:16:55:45.2 F:17:13:31.6
617:53.51146St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Matthew Moore, Jason Peacock)
S:16:56:58.1 F:17:14:51.6
717:55.51160Chattanooga Rowing A (Chris Boettner, Dylan Nash)
S:17:00:20.3 F:17:18:15.8
817:59.51156Atomic Rowing A (Preston Palmer, Jacob Grice)
S:16:58:23.6 F:17:16:23.1
918:00.01196Belen Jesuit Prep School A (Nicolas Waterhouse, Joseph Garcia)
S:17:09:15.5 F:17:27:15.5
1018:03.01134HHS Rowing Club (Hillsborough) A (Savion Fordham, Luke Jeske)
S:16:56:22.6 F:17:14:25.6
1118:03.81198Texas Rowing Center A (Michael Genovesi, Gerald Hendrix)
S:17:09:41.7 F:17:27:45.5
1218:05.21164Cincinnati Jr. Rowing Club, Inc. A (Abe Mancino, Ricky Vandegrift)
S:16:59:53.0 F:17:17:58.2
1318:07.91157Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Robert Powell, josh nelson)
S:17:01:27.7 F:17:19:35.6
1418:11.71168Space Coast Crew A (Noah Jayne, Jackson Baney)
S:17:02:29.3 F:17:20:41.0
1518:13.11135Miami Beach Watersports Center, Inc. B (Ruben Merenfeld, Ivan Perdomo)
S:16:54:27.0 F:17:12:40.1
1618:14.11169Atlanta Junior Rowing Association B (Kyle Richardson, Wesley Nourachi)
S:17:00:56.9 F:17:19:11.0
1718:14.31190Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Spencer Mullins, Eric Towe)
S:17:07:09.7 F:17:25:24.0
1818:16.71148Sarasota Scullers A (Christopher Cail, Jeevesh Konuru)
S:17:02:44.4 F:17:21:01.1
1918:17.11170Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Ian Mignone, Ryan Teofilo)
S:17:01:13.3 F:17:19:30.4
2018:18.41154Ransom Crew A
S:16:58:01.6 F:17:16:20.0
2118:19.41140St. Louis Rowing Club A (William Lerwick, Shawe Watkins)
S:16:55:07.0 F:17:13:26.4
2218:20.61166Westminster Academy Crew A (Collin Renae, Zachary Allsworth)
S:17:01:53.2 F:17:20:13.8
2318:21.71185Atomic Rowing B (Collin Franklin, Daniel (Ryan) Lee)
S:17:05:50.8 F:17:24:12.5
2418:22.51199Atlanta Junior Rowing Association A (Oliver Babb, Clinton Brady)
S:17:09:48.8 F:17:28:11.3
2518:27.31183Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. B (Charles Kellmanson, Samuel Giles)
S:17:05:15.4 F:17:23:42.7
2618:28.51201Chattanooga Rowing B (Samuel Meagher, Justus Huhnke)
S:17:10:07.1 F:17:28:35.6
2718:31.21194Huntsville-Madison County Rowing & Watersports B (Evan Coy, Ayrton Mata)
S:17:08:37.3 F:17:27:08.5
2818:31.41158Tampa Training Center A (John Miller, Jeremy Leeds)
S:16:58:29.9 F:17:17:01.3
2918:34.51200Tulsa Youth Rowing Association A (Drake Coburn, Iain Kazmierczak)
S:17:10:00.7 F:17:28:35.2
3018:39.31152Texas Rowing Center A (Pablo Bacio Notzon, Constantine Milam)
S:16:57:56.8 F:17:16:36.1
3118:41.21181Y Quad Cities Rowing B (William Sharis, Zachary Burton)
S:17:04:35.3 F:17:23:16.5
3218:44.21176Triangle Rowing Club A (Josiah Geist, Eric Hoster)
S:17:03:10.1 F:17:21:54.3
3318:48.61172Great River Rowing A (Greg McKeon, Tyler Werner)
S:17:02:54.3 F:17:21:42.9
3418:50.21155Minnesota Boat Club A (Camron Olson, Michael Schmidt)
S:16:58:14.6 F:17:17:04.8
3518:51.61141OKC Riversport B (George Heinen, Luke Stewart)
S:16:55:20.9 F:17:14:12.5
3618:59.11192Dallas Rowing Club B (Marc Robinson, Collin Petersen)
S:17:07:59.0 F:17:26:58.1
3719:03.21147Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (Matthew Huffman, Brone Olt)
S:16:57:04.1 F:17:16:07.3
3819:03.61143Sarasota Scullers B (Reed Fezza, Joshua Wolff)
S:17:02:23.9 F:17:21:27.5
3919:08.11179Resilient Rowing Club A (Sam Libberton, Camron Garrett)
S:17:04:00.9 F:17:23:09.0
4019:14.01189Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. B (donovan fosmoe, Samuel Lindsay)
S:17:07:04.2 F:17:26:18.2
4119:23.51144HHS Rowing Club (Hillsborough) B (Luis Cuevas, Andrew Whitaker)
S:16:56:30.1 F:17:15:53.6
4219:32.11180St. Louis Rowing Club B (Peter Murphy, Neel Vallurupalli)
S:17:04:27.4 F:17:23:59.5
4319:34.01202OKC Riversport C (Collin Burch, Kade Wilson)
S:17:10:11.9 F:17:29:45.9
4419:40.81167Beaver Creek Sculling A (Peter Dister, Wiley Martin)
S:17:00:46.5 F:17:20:27.3
4519:45.41178White Rock Boathouse, Inc. A (Garrett Wood, Travis Brewster)
S:17:03:50.5 F:17:23:35.9
4619:45.81193Beaver Creek Sculling B (James Mahoney, Benjamin Burroughs)
S:17:08:24.9 F:17:28:10.7
4719:53.61137Miami Rowing and Watersports Center, Inc. A (Matthew Schrader, Wilfredo Allen)
S:16:54:53.3 F:17:14:46.9
4819:56.31149South Orlando Rowing Association A
S:16:57:09.9 F:17:17:06.2
4919:57.91171Boone Crew/ Braves Rowing, Inc. (BRI) A
S:17:02:17.2 F:17:22:15.1
5020:12.61188Queen City Water Sports Center B (gabriel montgomery, jon miller)
S:17:06:37.7 F:17:26:50.3
5120:16.91186Resilient Rowing Club B (Sean Newman, Connor Anderson)
S:17:06:00.8 F:17:26:17.7
5220:19.51150Lake Lanier Rowing Club A
S:16:57:22.7 F:17:17:42.2
5320:27.81159Huntsville-Madison County Rowing & Watersports A (Adam Entrekin, Garrett Lawrence)
S:16:58:50.8 F:17:19:18.6
5420:29.31175Gem City Crew, Inc. A (Cole Smith, Jon Knecht)
S:17:03:35.7 F:17:24:05.0
5520:32.91177The Stewards Foundation, Inc. A
S:17:04:15.5 F:17:24:18.4 P:30 (Failure to yield)
5620:37.31173Mel High Crew/Melbourne High School Rowing Association, Inc. A (hayden Botwinis, Conrad Melcher)
S:17:03:44.4 F:17:24:21.7
5720:44.51165Queen City Water Sports Center A (miguel palacios, dominic gaines)
S:17:00:03.0 F:17:20:47.5
5820:49.11161Kansas City Rowing Club A (Will VandenBos, William Stublen)
S:17:00:32.1 F:17:21:21.2
5920:55.51151Clermont Crew A (James Mooney, Andrew Fogel)
S:16:57:51.1 F:17:18:46.6
6020:55.71182St. Andrew Rowing Club B (Andrew Leigh, Dylan Tanasijevich)
S:17:05:10.7 F:17:26:06.4
6121:22.91163Tulsa Youth Rowing Association A (Bryan Timmons, Dylan Kupetsky)
S:16:59:47.1 F:17:21:10.0
6221:33.21197Lake Lanier Rowing Club B
S:17:09:38.3 F:17:31:11.5
6321:59.71191Triangle Rowing Club B (Greg Steckbeck, William Tucker)
S:17:07:48.4 F:17:29:48.1
6422:03.81136YMCA dba Charlotte Youth Rowing A (Griffin Hazzard, Inan Ismailov)
S:16:54:41.5 F:17:16:45.3
6523:04.21203Queen City Water Sports Center C (ben methena, christian page)
S:17:10:54.2 F:17:33:58.4
6623:08.11184South Orlando Rowing Association B
S:17:05:43.6 F:17:28:51.7
6723:33.51195Gem City Crew, Inc. B (James Evans, Bailey Jones)
S:17:09:11.4 F:17:32:44.9
6825:09.81153Maclay Crew A
S:16:59:38.4 F:17:24:48.2
DNS1187Austin Rowing Club B (Samuel Mintz, Reily Cooper Jobe)
DNS1162Austin Rowing Club A (Bradley Ragan, Joel Maguire)
DNS1174Manatee County Youth Rowing A (Matthew McNeary, Ethan Wilson)
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