37 Mixed Masters 4+
Offical Results
117:21.41253Chinook Performance Racing A (Merida Scully)
S:17:29:12.4 F:17:47:58.8 HC:85
217:42.41234Western Reserve Rowing Association A (Paul Kopp)
S:17:22:48.1 F:17:41:38.5 HC:68
317:44.91255Community Rowing, Inc. B (Mary White)
S:17:29:25.4 F:17:48:54.3 HC:104
417:54.31235Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. A (Lucy Cogswell)
S:17:23:23.4 F:17:42:54.7 HC:97
517:55.11246Community Rowing, Inc. A (Jennifer Nicol)
S:17:28:02.9 F:17:47:06.0 HC:68
618:09.41236St. Louis Rowing Club B (Peggy Francis)
S:17:24:28.0 F:17:44:21.4 HC:104
718:30.81237Western Reserve Rowing Association B (Roger Abady)
S:17:23:41.6 F:17:44:32.4 HC:140
818:31.11256St. Louis Rowing Club A (Susanne King)
S:17:29:53.3 F:17:48:45.4 HC:21
918:36.11247Greater Columbus Rowing Association A (Maria Esway)
S:17:28:36.8 F:17:47:28.9 HC:16
1018:51.81251HWOOD/BJP A (Megan Mellinger)
S:17:28:48.6 F:17:48:23.4 HC:43
1119:02.01239St. Louis Rowing Club C (Lori Perry)
S:17:25:24.9 F:17:44:30.9 HC:4
1219:18.11238Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. B (Kathryn Zimmermann)
S:17:24:41.0 F:17:44:51.1 HC:52
1319:49.61240Orlando Rowing Club A (Nancy Brower)
S:17:25:59.4 F:17:46:51.0 HC:62
1419:50.51243Tennessee Crew A (Sarah Burleson)
S:17:27:03.0 F:17:46:53.5 HC:0
1520:33.21244Lake Purdy Rowing Association A (Julie Janusz)
S:17:27:26.3 F:17:48:12.5 HC:13
1620:42.91252Tampa Athletic Club, Inc. A (Gina Ricci)
S:17:29:02.6 F:17:50:37.5 HC:52
1721:00.91245Capital Rowing Club A (Abigail Potter)
S:17:27:45.9 F:17:48:50.8 HC:4
1821:52.21249Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Dana Ballinger)
S:17:30:51.4 F:17:52:44.6 HC:1
1922:02.01250RowAmerica North Little Rock A (Traci Berry)
S:17:31:55.3 F:17:54:02.3 HC:5
2022:35.01241Austin Rowing Club A (Tammy Foy)
S:17:26:42.7 F:17:50:05.7 HC:48
2125:00.61254Georgia State University Crew A (Kelly Hilinski)
S:17:30:36.9 F:17:55:37.5 HC:0
DNS1242Halifax Rowing Association, Inc. A (Samara Bay)
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