50 Women's Master 1x - Ages 21 to 42
Offical Results
119:18.91513Ridley Graduate Boat Club A (Caitlin Pauls)
S:09:37:51.6 F:09:57:11.5 HC:1
220:17.61520Caloosa Coast Rowing Club A (Laura Corbett)
S:09:39:22.4 F:09:59:48.0 HC:8
320:25.11521Unaffiliated (USA) B (Kristin McIntyre)
S:09:39:18.9 F:10:00:05.0 HC:21
421:18.91514Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Jennifer Figueroa)
S:09:45:11.1 F:10:06:43.0 HC:13
521:55.21519Raleigh Rowing Center A (Allison Zimmerman)
S:09:39:56.4 F:10:01:52.6 HC:1
622:12.71525Lincoln Park Boat Club A (Samantha Minc)
S:09:44:51.5 F:10:07:14.2 HC:10
722:43.91517St. Louis Rowing Club A (Lori Perry)
S:09:39:44.2 F:10:02:49.1 HC:21
824:21.01516Capital Rowing Club B (Miranda Bureau)
S:09:38:58.0 F:10:03:25.0 HC:6
924:24.41522Austin Rowing Club A (Kaitlin Fort)
S:09:47:07.1 F:10:11:33.5 HC:2
1024:54.21515Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Victoria Mattie)
S:09:38:47.4 F:10:03:41.6 HC:0
1125:25.81524RowAmerica North Little Rock A (Michelle Teague)
S:09:42:56.0 F:10:08:42.8 HC:21
1226:00.81518Lincoln Park Boat Club A (Danielle Reed-Hudson)
S:10:02:42.5 F:10:28:44.3 HC:1
DNS1523CHAOS Rowing A (Olivia Giddings)
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