54 Women's Youth 1x
Offical Results
120:06.21608Y Quad Cities Rowing A (Emily Delleman)
S:10:04:14.1 F:10:24:20.3
220:12.31643Y Quad Cities Rowing B (Caroline Sharis)
S:10:11:46.5 F:10:31:58.8
320:26.51609OKC Riversport B (Remy McMeekin)
S:10:04:28.0 F:10:24:54.5
420:42.11630Tampa Training Center A (Alexia Rojas)
S:10:10:34.4 F:10:31:16.5
520:47.31607Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Riona McCormick)
S:10:03:55.9 F:10:24:43.2
620:48.51634Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Megan Hinkle)
S:10:10:39.0 F:10:31:27.5
720:55.71614Atomic Rowing A (Sarah Kate Rogers)
S:10:06:18.3 F:10:27:14.0
821:03.51655Y Quad Cities Rowing C (Sophia Muckenfuss)
S:10:16:30.2 F:10:37:33.7
921:21.91640Founders Rowing Club B (Katherine Fraser)
S:10:14:31.5 F:10:35:53.4
1021:23.31621Universitario de Regatas A (Cristina Salinas)
S:10:09:09.2 F:10:30:32.5
1121:26.81647Dallas Rowing Club B (Danielle Hutcheson)
S:10:11:56.0 F:10:33:22.8
1221:29.31658Y Quad Cities Rowing D (Cameron Blunk)
S:10:16:44.6 F:10:38:13.9
1321:30.01659Y Quad Cities Rowing E (Ann Philips)
S:10:16:55.1 F:10:38:25.1
1421:35.61610OKC Riversport A (Sarah Ondak)
S:10:04:41.4 F:10:26:17.0
1521:41.31646Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (Julia Turner)
S:10:11:30.8 F:10:33:12.1
1621:42.61622St. Andrew Rowing Club B (Celsea Tanasijevich)
S:10:07:50.0 F:10:29:32.6
1721:49.91618Beaver Creek Sculling A (Magdalene Vidal)
S:10:09:03.1 F:10:30:53.0
1821:50.81617Founders Rowing Club A (Anna Glasgow)
S:10:11:36.2 F:10:33:27.0
1921:55.81613Minnesota Boat Club A (Hannah Hutchinson)
S:10:07:43.9 F:10:29:39.7
2021:56.81615Atomic Rowing B (Clara Hay)
S:10:07:16.4 F:10:29:13.2
2121:58.61625Caloosa Coast Rowing Club A (Madison Waddle)
S:10:09:51.0 F:10:31:49.6
2222:01.31657Founders Rowing Club D (Allie Touchstone)
S:10:14:16.3 F:10:36:17.6
2322:04.11645Beaver Creek Sculling B (Grace von Elten)
S:10:12:07.2 F:10:33:51.3 P:20 (Passing in chute)
2422:05.31629Dallas Rowing Club A (Annie cantu)
S:10:12:15.8 F:10:34:21.1
2522:14.81652Founders Rowing Club C (Caitlin Ferguson)
S:10:15:55.2 F:10:38:10.0
2622:19.31620Gem City Crew, Inc. A (Caroline Beegan)
S:10:09:44.4 F:10:32:03.7
2722:21.41619Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Julia Pedrick)
S:10:09:16.5 F:10:31:37.9
2822:28.21626Atlanta Junior Rowing Association A (Amelia Herrera)
S:10:10:03.3 F:10:32:31.5
2922:32.11611White Rock Boathouse, Inc. A (samantha prado)
S:10:04:56.0 F:10:27:28.1
3022:41.91616Resilient Rowing Club A (Mackenzie Pearson)
S:10:06:34.6 F:10:29:16.5
3122:43.91644Resilient Rowing Club B (Gabriela McDonald)
S:10:11:26.2 F:10:34:10.1
3222:48.71636Lake Lanier Rowing Club A (Elly Rundqwist)
S:10:15:38.5 F:10:38:27.2
3322:54.01653Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. C (Brooke Terrell)
S:10:13:09.2 F:10:36:03.2
3423:04.61624Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. A (Lauryn Runyans)
S:10:09:31.7 F:10:32:36.3
3523:04.81623Space Coast Crew A (Danielle Kammerer)
S:10:12:35.4 F:10:35:40.2
3623:06.51638Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. B (Carley Boyd)
S:10:11:10.9 F:10:34:17.4
3723:07.31654Lake Lanier Rowing Club C (Georgia Young)
S:10:16:20.0 F:10:39:27.3
3823:09.21632Tulsa Youth Rowing Association A (Rose Stewart-Maddox)
S:10:10:15.5 F:10:33:24.7
3923:21.31648Gem City Crew, Inc. B (Ruth Dversdall)
S:10:12:17.0 F:10:35:38.3
4023:21.41628South Orlando Rowing Association A (GRACE HUTCHINGSON)
S:10:12:51.6 F:10:36:13.0
4123:26.11651Gem City Crew, Inc. C (Bryna Schroeder)
S:10:13:50.6 F:10:37:16.7
4223:38.51660Y Quad Cities Rowing F (Ellie Muckenfuss)
S:10:17:03.7 F:10:40:42.2
4323:38.81656Gem City Crew, Inc. D (Tonja Kaissieh)
S:10:13:56.7 F:10:37:35.5
4423:39.11641Lake Lanier Rowing Club B (Taylar Wilson)
S:10:15:15.9 F:10:38:55.0
4524:50.11642Space Coast Crew B (Tiffanny de Zayas)
S:10:15:00.9 F:10:39:51.0
4628:28.71631Mel High Crew/Melbourne High School Rowing Association, Inc. A (Arielle Howk)
S:10:10:28.7 F:10:38:57.4
DNS1637The Stewards Foundation, Inc. A
DNS1649South Orlando Rowing Association C (Brianna Borowski)
DNS1627Unaffiliated (USA) A (Katherine Tambasco)
DNS1612Clermont Crew A (Frankie Dailey)
DNS1639South Orlando Rowing Association B (Claire Slater)
DNS1650Greater Dayton Rowing Association C (Megan Perry)
DNS1633Manatee County Youth Rowing A
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