56 Men's Master 1x - Ages 65+
Offical Results
117:22.61686Rockford Crew A (Richard Anderson)
S:10:44:59.4 F:11:05:23.0 HC:181
217:29.01689Detroit Boat Club A (Allan Baur)
S:10:43:32.7 F:11:05:14.7 HC:253
317:37.41685Lincoln Park Boat Club A (Terrence Conway)
S:10:44:24.5 F:11:05:21.9 HC:200
417:45.51684Fairmount Rowing Association I (Red Sargent)
S:10:45:19.6 F:11:07:43.1 HC:288 P:10 (1 Buoy)
518:02.91692Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Andrzej Ratajczyk)
S:10:43:40.4 F:11:04:44.3 HC:181
619:06.71687Lookout Rowing Club A (Jim Crichton)
S:10:42:41.5 F:11:05:08.2 HC:200
719:09.71693Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Don Davis)
S:11:09:56.3 F:11:32:07.0 HC:181
819:27.91690Kansas City Rowing Club A (Steven Maynard-Moody)
S:10:46:35.8 F:11:09:13.7 HC:190
919:50.61694Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. B (George Hahn)
S:10:45:25.5 F:11:08:57.1 HC:221
1026:10.81688Unaffiliated (USA) A (Garrett Olmsted)
S:10:47:17.8 F:11:16:59.6 HC:221 P:10 (1 Buoy)
DNS1691St. Louis Rowing Club A (Christopher Krusa)
DNS1695Lookout Rowing Club A (John Disterdick)
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