72 Women's Youth 2-
Offical Results
118:53.31902Nashville Rowing A (Michèle Holtkamp, Abigail Tarquinio)
S:12:28:47.2 F:12:47:40.5
219:36.31892OKC Riversport B (Julia Ciocca, Sarah Ondak)
S:12:26:23.6 F:12:45:59.9
319:49.71895Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Isabel Wothe, Maria Wothe)
S:12:27:25.9 F:12:47:15.6
419:50.01893OKC Riversport A (Xaley Yousey, Sammie Theige)
S:12:26:47.5 F:12:46:37.5
519:50.21911Atlanta Junior Rowing Association A (Alexandra Filan, Samantha Morton)
S:12:30:36.5 F:12:50:26.7
619:54.01913Shaker Heights High School Crew A (Megan Hofstetter, Lily Schulte-Lawrence)
S:12:30:46.7 F:12:50:40.7
720:07.01901Resilient Rowing Club A (Mackenzie Pearson, Sawyer Chenen)
S:12:28:35.4 F:12:48:32.4 P:10 (1 Buoy)
820:11.01894St. Louis Rowing Club B (Mary Vollmar, Megan Present)
S:12:27:17.8 F:12:47:28.8
920:21.21919Resilient Rowing Club B (Mollie Passacantando, Taylor Kuligowski)
S:12:31:36.5 F:12:51:57.7
1020:30.21896St. Louis Rowing Club A (Larissa Dorn, SARAH BURNHAM)
S:12:27:35.3 F:12:48:05.5
1120:39.91922Nashville Rowing C (Eliza Frensley, Madeline Quinby)
S:12:32:06.5 F:12:52:46.4
1220:46.91897Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. A (Rebecca Pulsifer, Jaimie Armitage)
S:12:27:50.0 F:12:48:36.9
1320:49.51917Nashville Rowing B (Eden Norris, Aine McGinn)
S:12:31:01.0 F:12:51:40.5 P:10 (1 Buoy)
1420:54.61909St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Gillian Burns, Stephanie Parker)
S:12:30:27.6 F:12:51:22.2
1520:55.21924Resilient Rowing Club C (Hannah Fisher, Kathryn Slade)
S:12:32:15.6 F:12:53:10.8
1620:58.71908Asheville Youth Rowing Association A (Abby Hudspeth, Caleigh Sewell)
S:12:30:14.4 F:12:51:13.1
1721:01.41907Indianapolis Rowing Center A (Emma Sumner, Lea Morical)
S:12:29:46.1 F:12:50:37.5 P:10 (1 Buoy)
1821:08.11898Texas Rowing Center A (Grace Potter, Sonja Gruzen)
S:12:28:13.4 F:12:49:21.5
1921:26.51920Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. B (Leslie Lajoie, Payton Walker)
S:12:31:56.2 F:12:53:22.7
2021:27.81899Dallas United Crew, Inc. B (Sydney Patton, Olivia Osbourn)
S:12:28:26.3 F:12:49:14.1 P:40 (2 Buoy,2 Buoy)
2121:28.31903Chattanooga Rowing A (Chloe Vernon, Kasie Duncan)
S:12:28:57.2 F:12:50:25.5
2221:32.51925Resilient Rowing Club D (Diana Cuartas, Erin Pierce)
S:12:32:37.8 F:12:54:10.3
2322:03.31918Dallas United Crew, Inc. A (Lauren Blonien, Annie Pelic)
S:12:31:24.6 F:12:53:27.9
2422:38.51904Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Grace Komorny, Delaney McGovern)
S:12:29:13.9 F:12:51:42.4 P:10 (1 Buoy)
2522:46.91906Huntsville-Madison County Rowing & Watersports A (Avery Patz, Alissa Johnson)
S:12:29:40.7 F:12:52:27.6
DNS1914Texas Rowing Center B (Britt Seifert, Tiana Nickerson)
DNS1916Huntsville-Madison County Rowing & Watersports B (Madelyn Kloske, Charley Haines)
DNS1905White Rock Boathouse, Inc. A (Lexie Haerle, Kate Hettrick)
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