76 Women's Open 4x
Offical Results
117:44.61987Clemson Women's Rowing A (Rebecca Simonetti)
S:13:27:00.1 F:13:44:44.7
217:55.21985Lookout Rowing Club A (Megan Hanewald)
S:13:26:31.3 F:13:44:26.5
318:06.61986GAR/JRC A (Stacey Legler)
S:13:26:47.4 F:13:44:54.0
418:20.71984Oklahoma City University Rowing A (Jessica Vazquez)
S:13:26:15.4 F:13:44:36.1
519:01.51988Washington University Rowing - St. Louis A (Lauren Schafrank)
S:13:27:18.4 F:13:46:19.9
620:21.91989Oklahoma City University Rowing B (Katie Hightower)
S:13:27:59.3 F:13:48:21.2
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