9 Men's Masters 4+
Offical Results
116:47.5242Western Reserve Rowing Association A (Willard Donoho)
S:09:55:45.4 F:10:13:34.9 HC:62
216:59.7254Community Rowing, Inc. A (John Owens)
S:09:59:40.2 F:10:18:44.9 HC:125
317:15.8248St. Louis Rowing Club A (Tom Lieb)
S:09:58:15.9 F:10:16:50.7 HC:79
417:16.0256San Diego Rowing Club A (Ken Shuster)
S:10:00:30.8 F:10:20:48.8 HC:182
517:16.1261Chinook Performance Racing A (Robert Wagner)
S:10:03:17.9 F:10:21:42.0 HC:68
617:18.3241Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (William Lutat)
S:09:55:26.2 F:10:13:19.5 HC:35
717:20.8246Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. A (Glenn Finnell)
S:09:57:19.0 F:10:16:10.8 HC:91
817:24.8264Community Rowing, Inc. B (Kevin Dutt)
S:10:04:01.7 F:10:22:01.5 HC:35
917:30.4267Western Reserve Rowing Association C (Paul Kopp)
S:10:04:39.7 F:10:23:02.1 HC:52
1017:49.6257Florida Athletic Club A (Paul Deatrick)
S:10:01:49.7 F:10:21:10.3 HC:91
1117:58.8265Western Reserve Rowing Association B (David Dressler)
S:10:04:11.5 F:10:22:15.3 HC:5
1218:05.9266Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc. B (Scott Reid)
S:10:04:28.9 F:10:23:42.8 HC:68
1318:07.9251Chicago Rowing Foundation A (Travis Hillier)
S:09:58:44.6 F:10:17:16.5 HC:24
1418:14.4244Tallahassee Rowing Club, Inc. A (Rick McClure)
S:09:56:27.9 F:10:16:47.3 HC:125
1518:27.4262St. Louis Rowing Club B (Doug Miner)
S:10:03:32.2 F:10:22:20.6 HC:21
1618:30.7245Nashville Rowing A (Christopher Calico)
S:09:56:49.1 F:10:15:50.8 HC:31
1718:31.5255Halifax Rowing Association, Inc. A (Nick Greer)
S:09:59:53.0 F:10:20:15.5 HC:111
1818:40.3243Orlando Rowing Club A (John McCabe)
S:09:56:05.1 F:10:14:58.4 HC:13
1919:02.6250Alexandria Community Rowing A (Adam Baughman)
S:09:58:28.1 F:10:17:54.7 HC:24
2019:05.7260Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Santiago Luis Martin)
S:10:03:02.6 F:10:22:11.3 HC:3
2119:09.5249Detroit Boat Club A (Gregory Momber)
S:09:58:30.9 F:10:18:04.4 HC:24
2219:21.4252Austin Rowing Club A (Paul Scripko)
S:09:59:09.2 F:10:19:38.6 HC:68
2319:45.4263Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. B (Carter East)
S:10:03:54.4 F:10:23:40.8 HC:1
2419:59.6259Lake Purdy Rowing Association A (Daniel Holloway)
S:10:02:30.2 F:10:22:29.8 HC:0
2520:08.6268St. Louis Rowing Club C (steve dedrickson)
S:10:05:06.7 F:10:27:06.3 HC:111
2620:16.8253Lake Lanier Rowing Club A (Phil Sutton)
S:09:59:29.6 F:10:21:30.4 HC:104
2721:13.1258RowAmerica North Little Rock A (Glen Harrison)
S:10:02:14.7 F:10:24:15.8 HC:48
2823:07.7247Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. A (Tommy Blackwell)
S:09:58:07.3 F:10:21:50.0 HC:35
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