18 Men's College and Club 8+
Offical Results
115:44.0592Texas Crew A (Ben Zimmerman)
S:13:25:48.1 F:13:41:32.1
215:44.2585Georgia Tech Rowing Club A (Xing Liu)
S:13:22:17.2 F:13:38:01.4
315:56.7583University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-Men's Crew A
S:13:21:04.4 F:13:37:01.1
416:14.0611University of Florida Crew A (Gabriel Perez)
S:13:35:33.3 F:13:51:47.3
516:21.7598Washington University Rowing - St. Louis A (Sam Hahn)
S:13:29:03.2 F:13:45:24.9
616:23.6586Case Crew Club A
S:13:22:45.7 F:13:39:09.3
716:24.9589Northwestern University Crew A (Joe Sanchez)
S:13:24:05.8 F:13:40:30.7
816:27.7594Alabama Crew A (Isaac Wentz)
S:13:27:04.3 F:13:43:32.0
916:32.6590The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia, Inc. A
S:13:24:34.0 F:13:41:06.6
1016:32.8588Emory Crew B (Nathan Braswell)
S:13:23:41.2 F:13:40:14.0
1116:40.0612High Point University A (Jonathan French)
S:13:36:14.1 F:13:52:54.1
1216:44.2587Central Florida Mens Rowing A (Daniel de Zayas)
S:13:23:08.5 F:13:39:52.7
1316:45.9595Vanderbilt Rowing Club A (Connor Donahue)
S:13:27:41.7 F:13:44:27.6
1417:02.0606Clemson University Rowing Association A (William Matre)
S:13:32:46.7 F:13:49:48.7
1517:06.4600Tulane University Rowing Association A (Jon Tattoni)
S:13:29:49.7 F:13:46:56.1
1617:06.9584University of Kansas Crew A (Shane Hursh)
S:13:21:51.8 F:13:38:58.7
1717:07.5613Georgia Tech Rowing Club B (Robert Trout)
S:13:36:58.9 F:13:54:06.4
1817:13.6603Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ. Crew Club A (Joseph Gunther)
S:13:31:34.9 F:13:48:48.5
1917:17.3601Capital Rowing Club A (Sean D'Onofrio)
S:13:30:12.3 F:13:47:29.6
2017:25.9608Wheaton College Crew A (Jake Schaafsma)
S:13:33:56.9 F:13:51:22.8
2117:29.3616Clemson University Rowing Association B (Mitchell Panning)
S:13:38:56.3 F:13:56:25.6
2217:34.6602NCSU Crew A (Michael Tang)
S:13:30:44.4 F:13:48:19.0
2317:39.0597Auburn University Rowing Club A (Fisher Conanan)
S:13:28:44.8 F:13:46:23.8
2417:39.9593Murray State University Crew A
S:13:26:23.9 F:13:44:03.8
2517:40.6615Texas Crew B (Oscar de la Garza)
S:13:38:18.8 F:13:55:59.4
2617:52.8591Miami University Rowing Club A (Sawyer Smith)
S:13:25:20.4 F:13:43:13.2
2717:55.0605UTC - Chattanooga Rowing A (Ryan Reece)
S:13:32:17.4 F:13:50:12.4
2818:20.6604Oklahoma Crew at the University of Oklahoma A (Dylan Chan)
S:13:41:15.3 F:13:59:35.9
2918:31.2619College of Charleston Crew Club A
S:13:40:31.9 F:13:59:03.1
3018:32.0596FSU Rowing Club A (Olivier Turgeon)
S:13:28:19.0 F:13:46:51.0
3118:35.1610Tennessee Crew A (Douglas Aaser)
S:13:35:09.8 F:13:53:44.9
3218:40.3614Alabama Crew B (Sai Pranav Dwarampudi)
S:13:37:53.6 F:13:56:33.9
3318:43.0609University of South Florida A
S:13:34:29.1 F:13:53:12.1
3418:52.3599Xavier University Crew A
S:13:29:31.6 F:13:48:23.9
3519:28.2607Cleveland State University Rowing Club, "Viking Crew" A
S:13:33:29.0 F:13:52:57.2
3620:18.3617Central Florida Mens Rowing B (Balaashwin Babu)
S:13:39:56.3 F:13:59:44.6 P:30 (failure to yield)
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