25 Women's Masters 4+
Offical Results
119:01.9877Alexandria Community Rowing A (Christina Swartz)
S:15:30:43.3 F:15:50:28.2 HC:43
219:03.2885Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. A (Peggy Collins)
S:15:34:09.2 F:15:55:03.4 HC:111
319:06.7891Great River Rowing A (Valerie Leinfelder)
S:15:36:41.3 F:15:56:27.0 HC:39
419:25.7879Chinook Performance Racing A (Rosemary Whidden)
S:15:31:35.4 F:15:52:45.1 HC:104
519:28.4881Western Reserve Rowing Association A (Jeanne Sutcliffe)
S:15:32:19.3 F:15:51:52.7 HC:5
619:32.4882Carolina Masters Crew Club A (Stacy Rexrode)
S:15:32:47.1 F:15:52:32.5 HC:13
719:33.4887c ORC/HRA B (Anne Robinson)
S:15:35:09.7 F:15:56:14.1 HC:91
819:36.2873Alexandria Community Rowing C (Kelly Harrison)
S:15:29:07.8 F:15:48:53.0 HC:9
919:37.4902c Unaff./HWOOD A (MJ Dennis)
S:15:40:43.8 F:16:01:23.2 HC:62
1019:49.2875St. Louis Rowing Club A (Carissa Foster)
S:15:30:00.6 F:15:49:54.8 HC:5
1119:50.6874Community Rowing, Inc. B (Patricia Robinson)
S:15:29:41.1 F:15:51:22.7 HC:111
1220:04.9901Tallahassee Rowing Club, Inc. A (Kay Allen)
S:15:40:27.2 F:16:02:30.1 HC:118
1320:12.2876Greater Columbus Rowing Association A (Victoria Hammond)
S:15:30:22.8 F:15:51:48.0 HC:73
1420:19.8911Western Reserve Rowing Association B (Theresa Gang)
S:15:44:09.9 F:16:04:47.7 HC:18
1520:23.6903Grand Rapids Rowing Association A (Julie Bennett)
S:15:41:04.9 F:16:02:53.5 HC:85
1620:35.3884c ORC/OARS A (Amy Ward)
S:15:33:41.8 F:15:55:36.1 HC:79
1720:44.8883Alexandria Community Rowing B (Winifred Nichols)
S:15:33:21.6 F:15:54:45.4 HC:39
1821:03.8888St. Louis Rowing Club B (Barbara Seely)
S:15:35:31.1 F:15:58:25.9 HC:111
1921:04.4905Carolina Masters Crew Club B (nina mcphaul)
S:15:41:44.4 F:16:03:40.8 HC:52
2021:16.4909Nashville Rowing B (Maggie Davidson)
S:15:43:21.2 F:16:06:28.6 HC:111
2121:16.5899Catawba Yacht Club A (Heather Wollerman)
S:15:39:40.5 F:16:01:06.0 HC:9
2221:17.2890Lookout Rowing Club A (Mary Dixon)
S:15:36:12.7 F:15:58:54.9 HC:85
2321:20.0907Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Ann Campbell-Hays)
S:15:42:30.0 F:16:04:01.0 HC:11
2421:22.5880Western Reserve Rowing Association C (Caroline Nardi)
S:15:31:59.0 F:15:54:00.5 HC:39
2521:32.5889Atlanta Rowing Club, Inc. A (Anne Vagts)
S:15:35:52.6 F:15:58:00.1 HC:35
2621:32.8878Community Rowing, Inc. A (Melanie Allen)
S:15:31:15.7 F:15:53:09.5 HC:21
2721:34.3896Nashville Rowing A (Sarah Meegan)
S:15:38:17.9 F:15:59:53.2 HC:1
2821:41.7904New Trier High School Rowing A (Kathryn Hayley)
S:15:41:30.1 F:16:04:36.8 HC:85
2921:53.2892Indianapolis Rowing Center A (Lisa Hess)
S:15:36:57.2 F:16:00:09.4 HC:79
3021:55.4886East Tennessee Rowing Organization A (Liz Hubbard)
S:15:34:47.5 F:15:57:13.9 HC:31
3121:57.5900Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. B (dana ballinger)
S:15:40:02.7 F:16:02:24.2 HC:24
3222:00.4906Atlanta Rowing Club, Inc. B (Leticia Andrade)
S:15:41:57.9 F:16:04:09.3 HC:11
3322:15.8912Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. C (Brittney Miller)
S:15:44:47.4 F:16:07:21.2 HC:18
3422:20.7910St. Louis Rowing Club C (Kim Cuddeback)
S:15:43:54.2 F:16:06:32.9 HC:18
3523:19.0908Lookout Rowing Club B (angel robbins)
S:15:42:55.7 F:16:07:22.7 HC:68
3623:34.3898Capital Rowing Club A (Meagan McAllister)
S:15:39:11.1 F:16:02:49.4 HC:4
3723:43.5893Tampa Athletic Club, Inc. A (Avery Awmiller)
S:15:37:34.7 F:16:01:57.2 HC:39
3823:49.1897Asheville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Jen Baker)
S:15:38:47.2 F:16:03:33.3 HC:57
3925:05.3894Auburn University Rowing Club A (Kendal Benson)
S:15:37:55.9 F:16:03:01.2 HC:0
DNS895Memphis Rowing Club A (Ali Ottinger)
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