26 Women's College & Club Lightweight 4+
Offical Results
119:58.8919University of Florida Crew A (Robyn Sutter)
S:15:45:34.2 F:16:05:33.0
220:05.1929Stetson University Crew A (Andrea Kahn)
S:15:48:11.5 F:16:08:16.6
320:21.0918High Point University A (Katie Polan)
S:15:44:59.8 F:16:05:20.8
420:21.8922c ACR/PBC/JRC/ATL A (Virginia Bryant)
S:15:45:48.0 F:16:06:09.8
520:37.4930Capital Rowing Club A (Sarah Montgomery)
S:15:48:28.8 F:16:09:06.2
620:51.1927The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia, Inc. A
S:15:47:31.8 F:16:08:22.9
721:04.0925Georgia Tech Rowing Club A (Rachel Boutom)
S:15:46:50.3 F:16:07:54.3
821:08.3928Sacred Heart University A
S:15:47:49.9 F:16:08:58.2
921:15.0926Texas Crew A (Riley Barker)
S:15:47:08.4 F:16:08:23.4
1021:43.7932UTC - Chattanooga Rowing A (Laurel Jobe)
S:15:49:00.0 F:16:10:43.7
1124:19.7924Oklahoma City University Rowing A
S:15:46:20.5 F:16:10:40.2
1225:20.4921Emory Crew B (Yifan Xuan)
S:15:50:00.9 F:16:15:21.3
DNS923Tennessee Crew A
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