33 Mixed Masters 4x
Offical Results
116:51.81257Ridley Graduate Boat Club A (Sharon Romilly)
S:17:31:10.0 F:17:49:37.8 HC:96
217:32.31260Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Stacey Legler)
S:17:31:56.6 F:17:49:45.9 HC:17
317:52.41256c NR/Atomic/AARC A (Mark Wilson)
S:17:30:48.0 F:17:49:20.4 HC:40
417:53.71245Chinook Performance Racing A (Natalie Dustman)
S:17:26:57.6 F:17:45:08.3 HC:17
517:54.91247Indianapolis Rowing Center A (Michael Burroughs)
S:17:27:37.5 F:17:46:08.4 HC:36
617:59.01246Lookout Rowing Club A (Henry Magnuson)
S:17:27:22.6 F:17:46:14.6 HC:53
718:04.81250Catawba Yacht Club A (Melissa McGuire)
S:17:28:46.8 F:17:48:33.6 HC:102
818:15.41261Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (Janusz Kossek)
S:17:32:22.6 F:17:52:08.0 HC:90
918:22.51249Halifax Rowing Association, Inc. A (Christine Power)
S:17:28:37.2 F:17:48:07.7 HC:68
1018:46.21259Belmont Rowing Center A (James Hagan)
S:17:31:43.5 F:17:51:01.7 HC:32
1119:08.11253CHAOS Rowing A (Rebekah Layton)
S:17:29:53.1 F:17:49:06.2 HC:5
1119:08.11258Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Edward Walz)
S:17:31:31.0 F:17:51:47.1 HC:68
1319:10.91248Asheville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Eliza Sydney)
S:17:27:59.1 F:17:47:33.0 HC:23
1419:21.51254Lake Lanier Rowing Club A (Sharon Heard)
S:17:30:18.5 F:17:50:09.0 HC:29
1519:22.41262Asheville Rowing Club, Inc. B (Leslie Rowland)
S:17:32:38.8 F:17:52:45.2 HC:44
1619:28.91251c GHRC/ATL/BARCH A (Dwight Hakim)
S:17:29:08.8 F:17:49:30.7 HC:53
1720:32.21255Tallahassee Rowing Club, Inc. A (Linda Keen)
S:17:30:37.0 F:17:53:12.2 HC:123
1824:07.31252Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (MaryEl Duncan)
S:17:29:48.2 F:17:55:08.5 HC:73
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