4 Men's College and Club 4+
Offical Results
116:58.583Georgia Tech Rowing Club A (Sean Meiller)
S:09:36:02.8 F:09:53:01.3
217:17.385Texas Crew A (Ben Zimmerman)
S:09:37:01.6 F:09:54:18.9
317:18.186Washington University Rowing - St. Louis A (James Tiffany)
S:09:37:12.9 F:09:54:31.0
417:27.0127Georgia Tech Rowing Club B (Carlos Fernandez)
S:09:53:32.8 F:10:10:59.8
517:37.2100Ohio State University Crew Club A (Brandon Buss)
S:09:41:12.5 F:09:58:49.7
617:37.992University of Kansas Crew A (Jackson Whitcup)
S:09:38:32.4 F:09:56:10.3
717:42.398Central Florida Mens Rowing A (Mike Mccranie)
S:09:40:45.2 F:09:58:27.5
717:42.388Vanderbilt Rowing Club A (Connor Donahue)
S:09:37:50.5 F:09:55:32.8
917:47.0110Alabama Crew A (Blake Dunaway)
S:09:45:36.2 F:10:03:23.2
1017:59.7108Tulane University Rowing Association A (Silas Fortuin)
S:09:45:06.1 F:10:03:05.8
1118:03.6109Potomac Boat Club A (Christopher Thomas)
S:09:46:09.1 F:10:04:12.7
1218:05.8138Washington University Rowing - St. Louis B (Sam Hahn)
S:09:56:48.0 F:10:14:53.8
1318:07.884University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-Men's Crew A
S:09:36:43.7 F:09:54:51.5
1418:11.7101Northwestern University Crew A (Jared Colin)
S:09:41:25.5 F:09:59:37.2
1518:12.7115Oklahoma City University Rowing A (Erik Wierenga)
S:09:47:30.5 F:10:05:43.2
1618:12.894James Madison University Crew Club A (Connor Browning)
S:09:39:20.1 F:09:57:32.9
1718:16.6136Vanderbilt Rowing Club B (Noam Kosofsky)
S:09:56:13.9 F:10:14:30.5
1718:16.687Clemson University Rowing Association A (Turner Gruenewald)
S:09:37:31.4 F:09:55:48.0
1918:18.3112Baltimore Rowing Club A (Christopher O'Keefe)
S:09:46:13.8 F:10:04:32.1
2018:22.896Capital Rowing Club A (Michael Riegelman)
S:09:39:40.9 F:09:58:03.7
2118:30.791College of Charleston Crew Club A
S:09:38:24.6 F:09:56:55.3
2218:33.4106Emory Crew A (Jackson Hill)
S:09:43:51.1 F:10:02:24.5
2318:40.193John Carroll University Rowing A (Alec Groff)
S:09:38:50.6 F:09:57:30.7
2418:45.9123University of Florida Crew A (Matthew Dearolph)
S:09:50:41.1 F:10:09:27.0
2518:46.4119Liberty University A (Zachary Moore)
S:09:49:21.2 F:10:08:07.6
2618:54.2104University of South Florida A
S:09:43:28.7 F:10:02:22.9
2718:58.689Texas Crew B (Jacob Ali)
S:09:38:16.5 F:09:57:15.1
2819:01.3141Vanderbilt Rowing Club C (Davis Zhang)
S:09:57:46.6 F:10:16:47.9
2919:07.6121UTC - Chattanooga Rowing A (Heath Foster)
S:09:50:01.4 F:10:09:09.0
3019:10.2126The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia, Inc. B
S:09:52:58.1 F:10:12:08.3
3119:20.599Tennessee Crew A (Cole Schwerzler)
S:09:41:03.0 F:10:00:23.5
3219:28.8105The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia, Inc. A
S:09:46:30.5 F:10:05:59.3
3319:29.1117Texas A&M Crew A (Cameron Netherland)
S:09:48:34.5 F:10:08:03.6
3419:30.3135UTC - Chattanooga Rowing B (Ryan Reece)
S:09:55:58.0 F:10:15:28.3
3519:35.8125Emory Crew A (Tommy Connor)
S:09:52:47.1 F:10:12:22.9
3619:36.8139Clemson University Rowing Association B (Collin Burchette)
S:09:57:18.0 F:10:16:54.8
3719:51.4113FSU Rowing Club A (Gerardo Prats)
S:09:46:46.3 F:10:06:37.7
3819:52.497Cleveland State University Rowing Club, "Viking Crew" A
S:09:42:51.0 F:10:02:43.4
3919:57.690Wheaton College Crew A (Troy Simpson)
S:09:38:06.5 F:09:58:04.1
4020:10.5118Rhodes College Crew Club A (Dominik Booth)
S:09:49:08.6 F:10:09:19.1
4120:12.6103Berry College Viking Crew A (Nathan Thacker)
S:09:43:15.5 F:10:03:28.1
4220:16.4130Alabama Crew B (Gareth Markel)
S:09:54:13.7 F:10:14:30.1
4320:21.0120St. Louis University Crew A (Tanner Thornton)
S:09:49:40.7 F:10:10:01.7
4420:22.4107Oklahoma Crew at the University of Oklahoma A (Timothy Brown)
S:09:44:44.9 F:10:05:07.3
4520:27.5111Georgia State University Crew A (Wesley Dunkirk)
S:09:45:59.1 F:10:06:26.6
4621:00.9122Auburn University Rowing Club A (Jacob Green)
S:09:50:27.8 F:10:11:28.7
4721:23.2137Wheaton College Crew B (Philip Merrifield)
S:09:56:35.9 F:10:17:59.1
4821:26.3114Davidson College Crew A (Wufan Zhao)
S:09:47:20.6 F:10:08:46.9
4921:53.3134University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-Men's Crew B
S:09:55:49.2 F:10:17:42.5
5021:56.0124NCSU Crew A (Nicholas Dasburg)
S:09:52:26.4 F:10:14:22.4
5122:01.3129James Madison University Crew Club B (Stephen Abramowitz)
S:09:53:56.0 F:10:15:57.3
5222:13.0102Murray State University Crew A (Christopher Dobson)
S:09:42:32.5 F:10:04:45.5
5322:23.995Samford Crew A
S:09:40:39.4 F:10:03:03.3
5423:03.6140NCSU Crew B (Jacob Nichols)
S:10:09:58.1 F:10:33:01.7
5523:05.0131Rhodes College Crew Club B
S:09:54:26.3 F:10:17:31.3
5625:45.2132University of South Florida B
S:09:54:55.0 F:10:20:40.2
5726:27.1142Rhodes College Crew Club C
S:09:58:53.6 F:10:24:50.7 P:30 (Failure to yield)
5827:32.0133Davidson College Crew B (Camila Ferraz)
S:09:55:38.2 F:10:23:10.2
DNS128Central Florida Mens Rowing B
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