54 Men's Master 1x - Ages 55 to 64
Offical Results
117:27.21794Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club A (Ely Brand)
S:09:32:02.8 F:09:51:55.0 HC:145
217:43.81790Atomic Rowing A (Michael Schay)
S:09:31:19.4 F:09:51:19.2 HC:136
317:51.11806Unaffiliated (USA) A (Jonathan Rich)
S:09:34:15.8 F:09:54:48.9 HC:162
418:15.61792Baltimore Rowing Club A (Marc Daemen)
S:09:31:44.0 F:09:52:15.6 HC:136
518:16.81791Unaffiliated (USA) A (Dave Downey)
S:09:31:32.1 F:09:52:11.9 HC:153 P:10 (buoy)
618:26.01809Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. B (James Robinson)
S:09:34:55.6 F:09:55:29.6 HC:128
718:39.11807CHAOS Rowing B (Richard McDonogh)
S:09:34:24.0 F:09:54:48.1 HC:105
818:49.31793Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (James Kolb)
S:09:31:52.9 F:09:52:50.2 HC:128
919:02.01801Asheville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Wade Oppliger)
S:09:33:05.8 F:09:53:45.8 HC:98
1019:03.51803CHAOS Rowing A (Timothy Bukowski)
S:09:33:31.9 F:09:54:13.4 HC:98
1119:03.81805Rockford Crew A (Michael Raisky)
S:09:34:05.5 F:09:55:09.3 HC:120
1219:16.81795Louisville Rowing Club, Inc./Greater Louisville Rowing Foundation A (Lewis Acampora)
S:09:32:16.0 F:09:53:32.8 HC:120
1319:30.61796Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. A (George Wheeler)
S:09:32:34.1 F:09:54:37.7 HC:153
1419:58.41798Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Scott Rivkees)
S:09:32:58.4 F:09:55:12.8 HC:136
1520:16.31810Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. C (Joseph Della Silva)
S:09:35:06.0 F:09:57:47.3 HC:145
1620:21.31804Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Janusz Kossek)
S:09:33:47.5 F:09:56:24.8 HC:136
1720:23.21797Lake County Rowing Association A (John Bell)
S:09:32:45.6 F:09:55:50.8 HC:162
1820:42.31808Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (Edward Walz)
S:09:34:42.0 F:09:57:17.3 HC:113
1921:08.31802Belmont Rowing Center A (James Hagan)
S:09:33:23.6 F:09:56:39.9 HC:128
2021:23.51811Columbia Rowing Club A (Hisham Elkazzaz)
S:09:35:18.2 F:09:58:41.7 HC:120
DNS1800Lookout Rowing Club A (Hartmut Buschbacher)
DNS1789Miami International RowHouse A (Francisco Viacava)
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