55 Men's Master 1x - Ages 65+
Offical Results
117:21.41816Rockford Crew A (Richard Anderson)
S:09:36:20.6 F:09:56:52.0 HC:190
217:48.71821Fairmount Rowing Association A (Red Sargent)
S:09:38:04.7 F:10:00:53.4 HC:300
317:49.71817Lincoln Park Boat Club A (Terrence Conway)
S:09:36:30.7 F:09:57:50.4 HC:210
418:02.21819Detroit Boat Club A (Allan Baur)
S:09:37:08.0 F:09:59:46.2 HC:276
518:11.41827Unaffiliated (USA) A (Dimitri Ledkovsky)
S:09:39:27.1 F:10:01:29.5 HC:231
618:22.11818Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Andrzej Ratajczyk)
S:09:36:49.4 F:09:58:21.5 HC:190
718:25.01829Lookout Rowing Club B (John Disterdick)
S:09:40:23.5 F:10:03:24.5 HC:276
819:01.91828Traverse Area Community Rowing A (Dustin P Ordway)
S:09:39:49.6 F:10:01:52.5 HC:181
919:10.01826Kansas City Rowing Club A (Steven Maynard-Moody)
S:09:39:16.0 F:10:01:56.0 HC:210
1019:22.41820Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Richard Pierce)
S:09:37:37.1 F:10:00:00.5 HC:181
1119:57.81825Louisville Rowing Club, Inc./Greater Louisville Rowing Foundation A (Rick Esterle)
S:09:38:59.1 F:10:02:37.9 HC:221
1220:17.51822Lookout Rowing Club A (Jim Crichton)
S:09:38:12.3 F:10:01:49.8 HC:210 P:10 (buoy)
1321:46.51823Atlanta Rowing Club, Inc. A (Thomas Kenny)
S:09:38:26.5 F:10:04:39.0 HC:276 P:10 (buoy)
1423:30.61824RowAmerica North Little Rock A (Glen Harrison)
S:09:38:43.9 F:10:05:34.5 HC:210 P:10 (buoy)
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