59 Men's Youth 1x
Offical Results
119:06.61877McCallie/Girls Preparatory School Crew (McGPS) A (Jackson Moore)
S:10:01:39.3 F:10:20:45.9
219:12.71895Atlanta Junior Rowing Association A (Clinton Brady)
S:10:05:31.6 F:10:24:44.3
319:19.41879Y Quad Cities Rowing A (justin english)
S:10:02:22.3 F:10:21:41.7
419:24.21890South Orlando Rowing Association A (Jacob Huffman)
S:10:04:38.9 F:10:24:03.1
519:28.81903Indianapolis Rowing Center A (Jacob Sears)
S:10:08:18.1 F:10:27:36.9 P:10 (buoy)
619:29.51905Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Ryan Teofilo)
S:10:08:40.8 F:10:28:10.3
719:33.01916Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. B (Ian Mignone)
S:10:10:30.7 F:10:30:03.7
819:37.41881Great River Rowing A (Samuel Micinilio)
S:10:03:11.8 F:10:22:49.2
919:45.21904Unaffiliated (USA) A (Jerod Bayly)
S:10:08:27.3 F:10:28:12.5
1019:46.01912Detroit Boat Club A (Stephen Malbouef)
S:10:09:37.4 F:10:29:23.4
1119:48.41921Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Joshua Nelson)
S:10:11:31.4 F:10:31:19.8
1219:48.81908OKC Riversport B (Jack Gallagher)
S:10:09:02.1 F:10:28:50.9
1319:50.11928OKC Riversport A (Colby MaGill)
S:10:12:48.5 F:10:32:38.6
1419:51.01943Parati Competitive Rowing E (Dylan Dalpedri)
S:10:15:50.2 F:10:35:41.2
1519:51.71899Rowing Club of the Woodlands A (John Holdsworth)
S:10:05:56.2 F:10:25:47.9
1619:52.41938Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. B (Samuel Lindsay)
S:10:14:43.1 F:10:34:35.5
1719:52.91901Parati Competitive Rowing A (Jacob Castro)
S:10:07:39.7 F:10:27:32.6
1819:53.71909Ransom Everglades Crew A (Omry Alfi)
S:10:09:10.0 F:10:29:03.7
1920:03.41932Detroit Boat Club B (Charles Cornillie)
S:10:13:51.4 F:10:33:54.8
1920:03.41937Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. C (Charles Kellmanson)
S:10:14:35.1 F:10:34:38.5
2120:11.51886Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Cameron Kielty)
S:10:03:58.7 F:10:24:10.2
2220:16.81902White Rock Boathouse, Inc. A (Drew Ellis)
S:10:07:55.3 F:10:28:12.1
2320:18.01922Belen Jesuit Prep School B (Hunter Prindle)
S:10:11:39.9 F:10:31:57.9
2420:19.81925South Orlando Rowing Association B (Alexander Lofton)
S:10:12:13.0 F:10:32:32.8
2520:22.81940Parati Competitive Rowing D (Cooper Jones)
S:10:15:12.5 F:10:35:35.3
2620:26.31939Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. C (Campbell Cole)
S:10:14:57.8 F:10:35:14.1 P:10 (buoy)
2720:30.21884The Stewards Foundation, Inc. A (Justin Virgadamo)
S:10:03:35.7 F:10:23:45.9 P:20 (2 buoys)
2820:32.61936Parati Competitive Rowing C (Jack Schofield)
S:10:14:25.9 F:10:34:58.5
2920:33.01911Atomic Rowing A (Jacob Grice)
S:10:09:27.4 F:10:30:00.4
3020:35.81888Boone Crew/ Braves Rowing, Inc. (BRI) A (Wyatt Campbell)
S:10:04:29.4 F:10:24:55.2 P:10 (buoy)
3120:37.81883Y Quad Cities Rowing B (Alan Romanick)
S:10:03:29.1 F:10:24:06.9
3220:38.81894Resilient Rowing Club A (Ryan Smith)
S:10:05:19.7 F:10:25:48.5 P:10 (buoy)
3320:42.91917RowAmerica North Little Rock B (Evan Hankins-Hull)
S:10:10:43.6 F:10:31:26.5
3420:43.01880Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Spencer Mullins)
S:10:02:56.5 F:10:23:39.5
3520:43.11924Indianapolis Rowing Center B (Brendan Murphy)
S:10:12:03.7 F:10:32:46.8
3620:43.31927White Rock Boathouse, Inc. B (Andrew Schweizer)
S:10:12:33.7 F:10:33:07.0 P:10 (buoy)
3720:44.51878Belen Jesuit Prep School A (lucas zumpano)
S:10:02:07.8 F:10:22:52.3
3820:47.41941Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. D (Samuel Giles)
S:10:15:20.5 F:10:36:07.9
3920:47.91926Miami Rowing and Watersports Center, Inc. A (Antonio Ramos-Rivera)
S:10:12:22.4 F:10:33:00.3 P:10 (buoy)
4020:59.11910Lake Lanier Rowing Club A (Nic Stargel)
S:10:09:16.1 F:10:30:15.2
4120:59.71913Chattanooga Rowing A (Harlon Baldwin)
S:10:09:47.9 F:10:30:47.6
4221:00.41907RowAmerica North Little Rock A (Mason McGinn)
S:10:08:55.5 F:10:29:55.9
4321:04.11944Parati Competitive Rowing F (Mauro Rodriguez)
S:10:16:02.6 F:10:37:06.7
4421:09.21923Parati Competitive Rowing B (Eric Hoster)
S:10:11:52.1 F:10:33:01.3
4521:22.71887Beaver Creek Sculling A (James Mahoney)
S:10:04:18.0 F:10:25:40.7
4621:29.61945Parati Competitive Rowing G (Sam Schofield)
S:10:16:13.7 F:10:37:43.3
4721:30.01929Lake Lanier Rowing Club B (Cooper Foster)
S:10:13:07.5 F:10:34:37.5
4821:32.51934Lake Lanier Rowing Club C (Cody Blystone)
S:10:14:01.8 F:10:35:34.3
4921:39.71935Detroit Boat Club C (Ian Herdegen)
S:10:14:13.3 F:10:35:53.0
5021:44.31914Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (Cole Smith)
S:10:10:04.4 F:10:31:48.7
5121:49.81897Queen City Water Sports Center A (miguel palacios)
S:10:05:44.0 F:10:27:33.8
5221:50.61942Y Quad Cities Rowing D (Samuel Normoyle)
S:10:15:35.5 F:10:37:26.1
5322:03.41892Clermont Crew A (Ethan Baylor)
S:10:04:58.2 F:10:27:01.6
5422:10.21889Gem City Crew, Inc. A (James Evans)
S:10:05:12.2 F:10:27:22.4
5522:12.51946Parati Competitive Rowing H (Gage Hartwick)
S:10:16:23.5 F:10:38:36.0
5622:20.01920Gem City Crew, Inc. B (Hunter Strasburger)
S:10:11:24.5 F:10:33:44.5
5722:21.21930Boone Crew/ Braves Rowing, Inc. (BRI) B (Cody Flynn)
S:10:13:25.7 F:10:35:46.9
5823:01.11919Clermont Crew B (Briar Weissmann)
S:10:11:11.1 F:10:34:12.2
5923:19.91918Queen City Water Sports Center B (christian page)
S:10:11:01.2 F:10:34:21.1
6023:49.61931Beaver Creek Sculling B (Benjamin Burroughs)
S:10:13:37.4 F:10:37:27.0
6123:58.91891Lake Guntersville Rowing Club A (Logan LaPier)
S:10:04:50.8 F:10:28:49.7
DNF1915Resilient Rowing Club B (John Feng)
DNS1898Lake Purdy Rowing Association A (John Stastny)
DNS1900Huntsville-Madison County Rowing & Watersports A (Evan Coy)
DNS1882St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Dylan Tanasijevich)
DNS1885Minnesota Boat Club A (Alex Woronzoff)
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