60 Women's Youth 1x
Offical Results
120:23.51952Y Quad Cities Rowing A (Caroline Sharis)
S:10:17:10.4 F:10:37:33.9
220:35.11953Greater Dayton Rowing Association A (Megan Hinkle)
S:10:17:22.1 F:10:37:57.2
320:38.41957Y Quad Cities Rowing D (Ann Phillips)
S:10:18:14.0 F:10:38:52.4
420:52.51958OKC Riversport A (Sarah Ondak)
S:10:18:25.7 F:10:39:18.2
521:02.51967The Hockaday School A (Teal Cohen)
S:10:19:36.1 F:10:40:38.6
621:07.12000OKC Riversport B (Xaley Yousey)
S:10:27:58.6 F:10:49:05.7
721:07.42012Y Quad Cities Rowing E (Taylor English)
S:10:31:13.4 F:10:52:20.8
821:09.31969Texas Rowing Center A (Kaitlin Knifton)
S:10:20:04.3 F:10:41:13.6
921:09.61986Episcopal School of Dallas A (Katelin Gildersleeve)
S:10:24:50.8 F:10:46:00.4
1021:12.11968Newport Rowing Club A (Rose Carr)
S:10:19:45.5 F:10:40:57.6
1121:16.41956Y Quad Cities Rowing C (Cameron Blunk)
S:10:18:02.5 F:10:39:18.9
1221:33.41963Founders Rowing Club C (Julia Knowles)
S:10:18:56.9 F:10:40:30.3
1321:37.21954Y Quad Cities Rowing B (Sophia Muckenfuss)
S:10:17:33.6 F:10:39:10.8
1421:37.61987Minnesota Boat Club A (Grace Gardner)
S:10:25:01.3 F:10:46:38.9
1521:41.31976Atlanta Junior Rowing Association A (Alexandra Filan)
S:10:22:53.1 F:10:44:34.4
1621:44.92013Y Quad Cities Rowing F (Brenna Morley)
S:10:31:21.8 F:10:53:06.7
1721:45.82010Founders Rowing Club B (Taylor Toudouze)
S:10:30:31.5 F:10:52:17.3
1821:50.91971Southern California Scullers Club A (Ellen McGill)
S:10:20:45.8 F:10:42:36.7
1921:54.31981Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. A (Carley Boyd)
S:10:23:55.3 F:10:45:49.6
2021:57.01955Founders Rowing Club A (Katherine Fraser)
S:10:17:46.2 F:10:39:43.2
2122:00.41972The Stewards Foundation, Inc. A (Julianna Wright)
S:10:21:14.2 F:10:43:14.6
2222:01.51973Lake Lanier Rowing Club A (Anna Luttrell)
S:10:21:26.6 F:10:43:28.1
2322:02.11997Fox River Rowing Association B (Emilie Williamson)
S:10:27:19.8 F:10:49:21.9
2422:03.11959St. Andrew Rowing Club A (Celsea Tanasijevich)
S:10:21:38.8 F:10:43:21.9 P:20 (2 buoys)
2522:06.21989Resilient Rowing Club A (Bailey Price)
S:10:26:02.5 F:10:48:08.7
2622:11.82002Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. B (Brooke Terrell)
S:10:28:24.5 F:10:50:36.3
2722:12.81962Founders Rowing Club D (Elaine Williams)
S:10:18:43.3 F:10:40:56.1
2822:18.61984White Rock Boathouse, Inc. A (Kaira Lay)
S:10:24:36.1 F:10:46:54.7
2922:19.81979Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. A (Julia Pedrick)
S:10:23:43.9 F:10:46:03.7
3022:21.91985Charlotte Youth Rowing A (Grace Hetzel)
S:10:24:43.6 F:10:47:05.5
3122:22.32014Y Quad Cities Rowing G (Morgan Beghtol)
S:10:31:27.5 F:10:53:49.8
3222:26.31977Detroit Boat Club A (Beatrice Bernard)
S:10:23:03.2 F:10:45:29.5
3322:26.71994St. Andrew Rowing Club B
S:10:26:33.1 F:10:48:49.8 P:10 (buoy)
3422:31.51975Parati Competitive Rowing A (Lindsey Brown)
S:10:22:42.8 F:10:45:14.3
3522:34.82005High Point Rowing Club B (Jackie Ognovich)
S:10:29:20.9 F:10:51:55.7
3622:42.62008Resilient Rowing Club C (Annika Gromek)
S:10:29:52.7 F:10:52:35.3
3722:51.61998Resilient Rowing Club B (Hannah Fisher)
S:10:27:28.1 F:10:50:19.7
3823:00.01995Lake Lanier Rowing Club B (Taylar Wilson)
S:10:26:45.6 F:10:49:45.6
3923:02.02004Southern California Scullers Club B (Ella Poljak)
S:10:29:05.5 F:10:52:07.5
4023:06.01983Fox River Rowing Association A (Julia Rein)
S:10:24:26.7 F:10:47:32.7
4123:10.41991Huntsville-Madison County Rowing & Watersports A (Molly Gillikin)
S:10:26:23.3 F:10:49:33.7
4223:12.31978Gem City Crew, Inc. A (Bryna Schroeder)
S:10:23:31.4 F:10:46:43.7
4323:21.51990Tampa Training Center A (Anna Williams)
S:10:26:15.5 F:10:49:27.0 P:10 (buoy)
4423:22.31974Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. A (Mallory Claire Mosley)
S:10:22:19.5 F:10:45:41.8
4523:27.21964Greater Dayton Rowing Association B (Evelyn Towe)
S:10:19:17.9 F:10:42:45.1
4623:27.81996Texas Rowing Center B (Madison Barchas)
S:10:27:02.7 F:10:50:30.5
4723:44.12001Gem City Crew, Inc. B (Ruth Dversdall)
S:10:28:15.4 F:10:51:59.5
4823:54.61999Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. B (Jessica Cowart)
S:10:27:49.5 F:10:51:44.1
4924:21.01982Rochester Rowing Club, Minnesota A (Sophia Belhumer)
S:10:24:14.4 F:10:48:35.4
5024:25.61988Chattanooga Rowing A (Ayla Williams)
S:10:25:44.1 F:10:50:09.7
5124:31.52003Huntsville-Madison County Rowing & Watersports B (Emily Lynn)
S:10:28:54.0 F:10:53:25.5
5224:40.32011Gem City Crew, Inc. D (Jordan Neeley)
S:10:30:54.5 F:10:55:34.8
5325:10.02007Rocket City Rowing Crew, Inc. C (Helen D'Agostino)
S:10:29:44.3 F:10:54:54.3
5425:51.92009Gem City Crew, Inc. C (Kiersten Rhone)
S:10:30:15.1 F:10:56:07.0
DNS1970High Point Rowing Club A (Madeline Mullins)
DNS1965South Orlando Rowing Association A (Miranda Moser)
DNS1980Long Lake Rowing Crew A (Samantha Fischer)
DNS1966Lake Purdy Rowing Association A (Sarah Toms)
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