8 Women's College and Club 8+
Offical Results
117:22.8285Georgia Tech Rowing Club A (Anne Blair Bonin)
S:11:04:13.0 F:11:21:35.8
217:32.3280Case Crew Club A
S:11:01:35.6 F:11:19:07.9
317:43.8296c ATL/ORC/GHRC/JRC/ARC/PBC/CPTLRC/OKC A (Virginia Bryant)
S:11:09:18.0 F:11:27:01.8
417:47.1286The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia, Inc. A
S:11:04:39.1 F:11:22:26.2
517:53.9292Rowing Newfoundland A
S:11:07:33.8 F:11:25:27.7
617:55.0283University of Florida Crew A (Madison Woy)
S:11:03:26.5 F:11:21:21.5
718:13.2284Capital Rowing Club A (Jennifer Tujague)
S:11:03:49.2 F:11:22:02.4
818:13.8302Tennessee Crew A (Sarah Krueger)
S:11:11:51.5 F:11:30:05.3
918:14.8281Northwestern University Crew A (Kelli Nguyen)
S:11:02:22.9 F:11:20:37.7
1018:18.0289Vanderbilt Rowing Club A (Mckenna Murray)
S:11:06:09.8 F:11:24:27.8
1118:21.1294Chicago Rowing Foundation A (Amy Starin)
S:11:08:34.9 F:11:26:56.0
1218:25.5291Clemson University Rowing Association A (Julia Anderson)
S:11:07:04.4 F:11:25:29.9
1318:26.8300Oklahoma City University Rowing A
S:11:11:34.7 F:11:30:01.5
1418:31.9308University of Florida Crew B (Robyn Sutter)
S:11:14:04.3 F:11:32:36.2
1518:32.3288Texas Crew A (Allie Hayes)
S:11:05:50.2 F:11:24:22.5
1618:38.9282Emory Crew A (Nora Kohli)
S:11:02:54.7 F:11:21:33.6
1718:46.4295Texas A&M Crew A (Ashley Adams)
S:11:08:58.8 F:11:27:45.2
1818:55.2287Miami University Rowing Club A (Samantha Long)
S:11:05:15.7 F:11:24:10.9
1919:01.3306Georgia Tech Rowing Club B (Roshni Malde)
S:11:13:24.5 F:11:32:25.8
2019:16.2307The Rowing Team at the University of Georgia, Inc. B
S:11:13:48.1 F:11:33:04.3
2119:17.2293High Point University A (Gianna Beckmann)
S:11:08:14.7 F:11:27:31.9
2219:25.6290Tulane University Rowing Association A (Tessa Curry)
S:11:06:33.4 F:11:25:59.0
2319:34.6303FSU Rowing Club A (MADISON ALLEN)
S:11:12:13.9 F:11:31:48.5
2419:49.6764College of Charleston Crew Club A
S:11:14:48.1 F:11:34:37.7
2520:03.8297Murray State University Crew A
S:11:09:50.6 F:11:29:54.4
2620:12.0298Washington University Rowing - St. Louis A (Parvathi Narayan)
S:11:10:17.0 F:11:30:29.0
2720:59.1299Davidson College Crew A (Katharina Seitz)
S:11:11:10.0 F:11:32:09.1
2821:15.3304UTC - Chattanooga Rowing A (Abigail Johnson)
S:11:12:53.5 F:11:34:08.8
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